Saturday, 17 January 2015

I'm back and Alice for MCM

Well, it would be an understatement to say I have neglected this blog over the past year, but to put it simply, I have had a lot going on and fell out of the habit, and that includes cosplaying not just blogging.

However, I'm back and hopefully not going anywhere for a while :)

So, I'm off to the London MCM in May this year and after a lot of umming and ahhing I have decided I am going to dress as Alice from Alice: Madness Returns in the Royal Suit dress.

Originally I was going to buy the dress as I really wanted to make the Hobby Horse however now I am going to give it a go and make the dress too. It' mainly because I was being super picky and there wasn't a dress that was accurate enough for me, either the hearts on the bow were too big or the diamonds on the front were too small. If it all goes wrong I'll be putting a quick order in for one, hence why I am looking at making it now.

For the dress, I am using McCall's 5954 as a base, then will adapt the neckline and obviously wont be
adding the long sleeves. I have a couple of ways I want to do this, either make a red dress and add the side and front black panels or I want to make a black dress and make a red over skirt and panels to go over the shoulders. I'm thinking that making the black dress will be the easier option than doing the whole dress in panels. The worst part will be all that gold trim to put on and trying to get the hearts symmetrical (which isn't going to be easy when I don't have a dress form/mannequin, time to get the duct tape out I think).
I'll go into more detail once I start making it but for now I have some dark blue fabric I can use as a tester and I've downloaded the pattern, so I need to stick all the pieces together, cut them out and then make a blue dress, which if it turns out well I can use as a 'normal' Wonderland Alice dress.
Internet photo - red eyes

Photo I took from game, yellow eyes
For the Hobby Horse, I quite like the look of the Level 3 Horse. I have many ideas on how to make it but for the base, I think making a profiile of the horse in cardboard and building the shape up in chicken wire will be okay, and I have seen some that use a polystyrene half ball at the top of the head for support. I found someone who has made a  Pepakura file that's free to download of all the Hobby Horse's which will be a great help rather than looking constantly at pixalated images trying to get the shape. I am also hoping if I keep it hollow I can sort the eyes out to make them glow red/yellow (I'm a bit unsure on the eyes, descriptions and drawings suggest red but when I play the game this Hobby Horse has smoking yellow eyes) by the flick of a switch. This I may also do to the bow on her dress. As for the 'outer shell' I might do something like mod roc but that may end up too heavy. I could go very simple and do paper mache but it's something I am going to have to do some tests on for weight and for strength.

So first, I'm going to give it a go and make the dress, I'm hoping to make it all on my own, though my mum is aware I may be taking it around hers when it comes to the zip! I'll update soon on how it's progressing, just got to finish printing the pattern (only 80 more pages to go :( )

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another costume for London!

As well as Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy, I am also making another costume for the London MCM. It's a surprise for a friend from his girlfriend, he'll be staying at our house then the next morning be handed with a costume and dragged out the house to London.

And the costume of choice (ours not his);

Well if it isn't Link from the Legend of Zelda :D

It looks like a pretty straight forward costume however the bit I look forward to is th sword and shield, I get to make stuff with cardboard and paper maiche! Yay!

And luckily my partner is the same size rroughly as our friend so I have a model... whether he likes it or not!

So far I have bought a green tunic dress/woman's top off Ebay, got a couple of belts on order, I'm going to see if my mum will knit me some chain mail for the top and bottom, he needs white/cream leggins and top, gloves/gauntlets, boots/boot covers and of course the hat, which for wigs sake I may just make a hat with the hair already attached... which might or might not be fun!

Thursday, 30 January 2014


 The jacket has arrived! And I have to say I am very pleased with it. It might have been better to get a large as it's a little bit tight under the arms but as long as he doesn't pick anything up above his head, it'll be alright!

And here are my boots, took me a while to find but I got them off my favourite, Ebay! Only £4.20 :D

I've tried to take photos o the wig again, however it just doesn't look good on photo, I think it's the flash, it makes it look a bit... naff. I also have the trousers now so all I need is the red shirt to be recognisable but still a couple of bits to get and I'm sorted.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ada Wong and Leon S Kennedy

It may be a bit longer than I thought before I get to cosplay as Meryl. Lots still to buy and with my partner going part time in September to go to college, May may be the last proper cosplay for me. So I've gone simple but still interested. Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6.

For Leon, it's quite simple if you go for the Chapter 1/2 costume, before they go to China. It's the hair,
red/orange t-shirt, black shirt, the jacket, jeans/dark trousers and boots. Then a gun if wanted.

Ada however is a bit more detailed or less simple I should say. It's the hair, cross necklace, red shirt, shoulder holster, black gloves, very tight look trousers, belt, chain and boots. For her I don't have any of the costume!

The hair for her is my main concern but I found a really good looking wig which was just under £19 from Ali Express.

China, and I have to say, for a character based wig its very good. I tried it on but it's not perfect looking, as with most wigs not very photograph friendly and I had litereally just plonked it on my head. I'll take some better photos when I have more of the costume together. I got it from a website called

I have also bought Leon's jacket from this website, but this hasn't arrived as of yet so I will post when that arrives. I bought a fake leather jacket only because I know what my partner is like for wearing and ruining decent jackets.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

It's 2014! Happy New Year Peeps!

Here's a brief thing of what I have lined up for the year;

Birmingham MCM - 22nd March - Not confirmed if I am going to this one yet... haven't asked my sister yet so I am hoping she reads this and will help make the decision :D

London MCM - 24th May - Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Salaski (yes, I will complete these costumes!)

Yorkshire Cosplay Con - 14th June - Steampunk

Steampunk Doncaster - 21st June - Steampunk

London MCM October - No idea yet what I will dress as, lot of ideas but no definites yet. 

This is all I have planned so far, which is very heavy in the first part of the year, quite lucky I suppose with Christmas etc at the end of the year.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

And so to May 2014

My original plan for the next London MCM was to stay over for the weekend, but with my partner thinking he may have to work the full weekend we're going to go for the Saturday again. 

This time I am planning, yet again, for us to go as Meryl and Johnny from Metal Gear Solid 4. We have most of the stuff for it, now I have 6 months to prepare for the MCM I have plently of time to get them finished. It's mainly some of the little, fiddley bits that are left, and the shoes, those are quite important.

Off the top of the my head, the key things we would need are;

  • The boots
  • Johnny's sunglasses
  • Johnny's top
  • Lots of holsters and straps
  • Knee pads
  • Desert Eagle
  • XM8
  • Green gloves
  • Opera gloves (for Meryl's sleeve gloves)

With that, the things I need to do;

  • Spray paint 1 of the attack vests (1 already done)
  • Spray paint meryl's bag
  • Spray paint XM8
  • Stitch Foxhound patch to attack vests
  • If knee pads are wrong colour, spray paint those
  • Make Meryl's bandana
  • Make bullet earring

I've got lots to do still but like I said, all fiddley bits that make the costume. I will post updates when I have actually managed to do something!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Delayed MCM post.

I feel like I haven't updates this blog in ages, thought itmight have something to do with me not updating it in ages! My plan was to post a night before MCM post and post on Saturday night, only with 3 days to repaint my living room and get all the furniture out before my new floor was put in yesterday, I didn't have a lot of time. My arms, back and legs feel the pain of painting and walkng around London for the day.

Anyways, we went very simple Steampunk. It was our first time dressing Steampunk so we didn't want to do anything too advanced. 

We went for nice and simple for my partner, he wore a black suit, white shirt and black shoes with a blue and black waistcoat. He had wooden cogs sewn to the buttons on his jacket and I made him a cog and watch corsage.

As for me, I wore a maxi black skirt and a white fitted shirt. I recycled the shoes from my Alice cosplay and glued cogs to the heels (which 2 fell off on the way round the Expo!). I had a black underbust corset with chains stitched to the sides and I stitched my pocket watch to the front. I had a home made bustle that was made by myself and my sister, which may I add we didn't have to cut a single piece of material, it's called a black bedsheet, 1m ribbon and lots of black cotton, not to mention lots of giggles as we were watching Ross Noble as we went along. I made a pair of purple goggles, which I don't think turned out too bad for my first time making goggles. For my hair I twisted the front parts of my hair and tied them at the back but I wrapped chains around the twists then put a hair clip I bought from the Steampunk Doncaster event to finish the look, (which in these photos I didn't have my hair done).
Hadn't stitched the watch on at this point

When we got to the event, I have to say the new rules and stuff for getting in do seem a lot stricter but we found it so much quicker to get in and a little less crowded than last year, even though we couldn't find the Steampunk Village for ages until we realised there was another room with stalls in it.

As usual there were a lot of fantastic costumes out there!

  Until the next time! =)